Business Process Management

MixinTech works with you to improve productivity and enhance performance. Our overall business process management services spread across developmental discovery, documentation, combination and computerization to increase product development and encourage creativity.

Solutions and Frameworks by MixinTech:

MixinTech has derived solutions and frameworks to cater specific industry needs:

  • Credit processing and exposure management systems:

    With these systems,we help to corporate lending, risk exposure monitoring and management, loan processing , credit and loan portfolio management.

  • Media planning and collaboration platform:

    Through this platform we automate all processes involved in media planning, from implementing to development.

  • Collaborative Process Platform for CPG-Retail enterprises:

    By this conversional solution platform, we automate business processes across the supply chain.

Services provided by Business Process Management Software Solutions:

Business process management software solutions provides the following services:

  • Service Oriented Architecture andIncorporationServices:

    We help our clients explain and organize Service Oriented Architecture strategy, operating model and dominance.

  • Business Process ManagementConsulting and Application:

    We facilitate totransfer applications and platforms to BPM-based smart applications and SOA-based integration platforms

  • Business Rules Management System Services (consulting and implementation):

    We imply policy-based expertise that are created to reduce risks and meet compliance demands.

  • Process Analytics and Complex Event Processing:

    We createawareness into management systems to predict better and take preventive actions.

  • Cloud Incorporation:

    We design and provide software service solutions for private, public and hybrid clouds.

Our highly technical and professional team of has the relevant experience which enable us to provide you with the comprehensive business project management software solutions that enables you to better manage your business and enhance productivity.

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