Responsive Application and Design Testing Services

The usage of mobile devices is increasing day by day. Consumers are making extensive use of mobile devices and businesses need to be properly prepared to support these devices. Due to this, responsive testing of every software application and website is becoming essential.

Our responsive testing lab at MixinTech is well-equipped with the latest software for iOS, Android and Windows devices including phones, tablets and phablets that gives maximum coverage within the time frame.

We have a streamlined but flexible process to test responsive design across numerous devices and platforms. Our responsive testing includes a combination of automated and manual testing in order to catch all possible issues. Our experts ensure that your application or website runs smoothly across multiple mobile platforms without causing any delays or errors.

Benefits of Our Responsive Testing include:

  • Responsive websites rank at a higher position in the search results of Google than unresponsive websites.
  • We ensure that our responsive testing service recommendations boosts the overall performance of any application or website.
  • Our responsive testing recommendations promotes longer duration of usage by customers on mobile, desktop and phablets devices.
  • We make sure that your website or application is responsive so that the conversion rate of sales is higher.
  • Our responsive website recommendations result in more online user traffic.

Responsive Testing Process

We carry out the following tasks with responsive testing:

  • Creation of responsive testing scripts and estimation of test requirements.
  • Responsive test case development.
  • Test case configuration and implementation.
  • Automated and manual test analysis.
  • Bug removal.
  • Client reporting.
  • Product announcement.

We excel in responsive application and design testing services. That is why we enjoy a huge number of satisfied clients across the globe. Our dedicated testing team ensures that optimal testing is done across various platforms for the best results.

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