Design Testing

MixinTech has a highly adept and experienced quality assurance team that is professional and are experts in their field. Our quality assurance team comprises the following: Manual Professional Testers, Automated Engineers, Technical Writers, Test Managers, Quality Consultants, Performance Engineers, Security Engineers, Translators, and a great deal more. We guarantee quality in all our programming projects. We represent a helpful working environment that fulfils the requirements of all of our clients.

Web Design Testing Services:

For website testing, we include the following website testing services:

  • Functionality Testing

    Our functional testing guarantees that each button performs the planned action accurately and appropriately as designated.

  • Cross Browser Compatibility Testing

    Our cross-browser/device testing ensures that your website’s content, layout, and presentation look and function properly on different Operating Systems (OS's), browsers, and mobile devices.

  • Load & Performance Testing

    Our performance testing ensures that the website is working under heavy load so that visitors do not have to wait too long for the web pages to open on their devices.

  • Usability Testing

    TThrough usability testing, real-life website testing is done and we take care of those problems that disappoint your website visitors.

  • Accessibility Testing

    With our accessibility testing, our experts ensure that your website is accessible to all users, all over the world, at any time, without interruption or difficulty. - Under SEO: Our SEO testing tests whether your website will rate higher or lower in search engine rankings.

  • Security Testing

    Our security testing measures are directed to ensure that there is no information leakage in terms of encrypting the data, and that the website is protected from hacking, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks, and Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, thus ensuring the security of your website and stored data.

  • SEO Testing

    Our latest SEO testing system comprise of the components that tests whether your website will rate higher or lower in search engine rankings.

If you have a web project and you are not sure if website testing has been performed already or not, please contact us. We will cater you with the right professionalism, experience, and advice. Our specialized testing team is always ready to serve you with the best website design testing services that will give you peace of mind and increase reliability and improve the experience of your website among your customers.

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