Software and Web Application Security Audit

MixinTech’s web application security testing service is a security examination that is performed by experienced software and web security professionals. Our service provides a complete website security audit that reviews the whole website using a variety of advanced testing techniques, starting from MySQL to DNS attacks.

The application security audit is a genuine hacker attack on an application and its associated systems. All security issues are thoroughly searched during the available testing time. Most of the work is done manually and the testers behave as hackers. Our security consultants use the most advanced techniques and tricks that can be used by real hackers and crackers in order to check how strong the system is.

Apart from the usual techniques, the following types of tests are used in an application security audit, when required:

  • Reviewing the code.
  • Reverse Engineering.
  • Monitoring of the API.
  • Network Sniffing and packet analysis.
  • Injection tests.

Web Application Security Audit Testing Services:

  • Our security testing services examine security loopholes in all aspects of your application and provide a detailed report to you. We fix the security loopholes for you to make sure your site is safe and running smoothly.
  • We provide the service of measuring the security of your IT infrastructure.
  • We have a look at the security issues related to the OS, application flaws, dangerous end-user behaviours, and incorrect configurations.
  • We study in detail: security breaches in the application, network, implementation, and configuration.
  • We ensure to prevent loss of important information and to keep the brand reputation intact.

Our services are interrelated and we ensure to provide you comprehensive solutions to meet your web development needs. Our adept professionals have the right skills and experience to perform extensive security tests to make your software and web applications as fool-proof as possible.

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