Database Designing and Testing

Nowadays, it is imperative for organizations and businesses to utilize professionally designed databases, for development projects and/or integration with other systems. Our services help organizations to organize their data and facilitate the integration of complex databases. MixinTech offers highly professional database designing and testing services that assure quality services from validating the required data and data sources to reporting and testing.

Our Database Design Services

MixinTech has the best database developers in the business who have a record of providing impeccable services of database designing, development, integration and testing. They come up with innovative database solutions which swiftly improve business efficiency and expedite the whole process. With an experienced and hardworking team of database developers, we assure you that you will be satisfied with the results. We provide you with the relevant database that fits your specific business requirements perfectly. Our custom database design services will help you to achieve your business objectives which enable you to stay ahead of your competition.

Our valuable database testing services:

In order to make database testing foolproof, we put real focus on the accuracy of the data being transferred. Our tool-based method towards database testing removes the data problems that occur during production. Depending on the structure and function of the designed database, we conduct database testing in three categories:

  • Structural database testing: it involves testing of columns, tables, schema, stored procedures, triggers, etc.
  • Functional testing: we thoroughly check the functionality of your database from the user’s perspective, which involves white and black box testing.
  • Nonfunctional testing: our team checks and tests the load-time, risks in the database, minimum requirements of the system, conducts stress testing, and tests how your database performs.

Our team is adept in all three categories of database testing and delivers excellent results after an in-depth testing of your database design. Making use of the latest data testing tools helps them to identify the errors and remove them. After testing, the vulnerabilities and errors in the database are removed for optimal functionality, reliability and security.

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