Software and Web Application Testing Services

Nowadays there is a competition in all kinds of online services, web applications and sites. The users do not like to wait or bear dysfunctional systems or other defects. If they aren’t satisfied with any web application, they find another one with similar functionality but that is quick to respond and runs smoothly.

Apart from being erratic, some web services are also a cause of corrupting users personal data, financial losses, that are followed by lawsuits and other unpleasant consequences. We at MixinTech determine that every web software product is verified before release. It is ensured that the systems are operated as intended, are popular among the users and that they bring benefits to its owners.

Highlighting features of Our Services:

We excel in the following :

Experienced Staff:

We have an experienced team of expert professionals that excels in software testing services of various web applications, e-commerce services, online stores, games etc.

Personalized Approach:

Our team extends personalized approach for each web project catering to its special features and customers’ preferences. Understanding the needs of your business and the end users, we are able to provide you with applications and software solutions that are tailored according to your needs.

Skilled and Knowledgeable:

Our test engineers are well -trained and updated with the latest web technology, pitfalls and common problems of various web services and sites. This knowledge helps them to provide services that are class apart from the rest.

Exceptional Proficiency:

Our team is trained to provide practical advices on how to improve the software product. Quality and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We strive hard to provide you with the most suitable and affordable software solutions.

Merit Oriented:

We have been verified as providing the best quality of software products for many internationally acclaimed companies. The long list of our successful and satisfied clientele clearly speaks for itself.

Wide Range of Tools:

Our error tracking system is user friendly for the customers. Our quality assurance team is expert in providing exceptional services and finding software bugs by searching all parts and aspects of a software product. We track defects in products whether they are visible with ease or not.

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