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MixinTech is an IT technology company that offers IT consulting, quality software products and solutions across the globe. MixinTech’s team is a blend of experienced and young talented professional with a multi-dimensional exposure in various industries, which makes it unique and capable of understanding the needs of any progressive business. The accumulated knowledge of the team through its exposure to different industries such as Retail, Health and Care, Security, Education and Manufacturing in the markets, like USA, Europe, Asia including Middle East etc. is unique to guide its client for achieving strategic success in any field and any market.


MixinTech’s mission is to serve its clients with high-quality solutions for helping them to achieve operational excellence and secure competitive advantage in the market at an affordable cost.


Our work philosophy rests on Right Person for the Right Job to improve the commercial and operational efficiency of our clients. Team for each project is selected keeping in view its nature and requirements and experts with relevant skills and expertise in similar industries are deployed throughout the project life cycle including Requirement Evaluation, Software Requirement Specification (SRS), Design Document Specification (DDS), Deployment and Maintenance phases for best possible results.

At MixinTech, we believe in partnering with our clients by continuously and proactively identifying the challenges they might face, presenting effective solutions to those challenges and continually improving the solutions with the application of latest and right blend of technologies and effective methodologies. Our team takes every project, from basic to a complex one, with same integrity and attention to make it a master piece. We keep adopting and mastering new technologies, developing human capital and continuous learning to provide reliability and value added services to our clients.

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